WordPress Dashboard – Marlon Sanders

In a bit of clever sleuthing, Neil Shearing has found out the content of Marlon Sanders’ upcoming product, “WP Leads And Sales Dashboard“. Presumably, for copyright reasons, Marlon seems to have used “WP” instead of “WordPress”.

Marlon released an “experimental” video at his blog, talking about “white balance” and apparantly doing some testing of video green-screen conditions. However, in the background was a picture of the new WP Leads And Sales Dashboard. Shearing reports how he removed Marlon from the foreground and enlarged the image to be able to read the whole content of the new product. He says the product consists of… Continue reading

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Shearing Endorses Source Code Goldmine

Source Code Goldmine

Source Code Goldmine

Neil Shearing announced his endorsement of Jeremy Burns’ Source Code Goldmine retirement sale with a blog post at his main blog.

After selling individual bundles of products with Private Label Rights, known as “Source Code Goldmine” products, Jeremy is now selling ALL twelve of the SCG packages, a total of 140 products with PLR rights, for just $37. Continue reading

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Google Reader Axed

When logging into his Google Reader account today, Neil Shearing noticed a message saying that the service would be ending on July 1st 2013.

Neil read the reasons why, which amounted to wanting to spend more effort on other projects and was bemused. It seems that the rest of the web largely agrees with Neil, as Twitter and other social media exploded with complaints at the axing of a much-used service. In fact, Google Reader has been around since 2005, so it had a loyal following which pre-dates most of the social media which seems to have been largely responsible for a reported decline in use of the Reader service.

Read Neil Shearing’s longer post, with links and ideas for what to do, here.

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Google Panda 2013 March Update

Usually a Panda refresh comes along every month. However, it’s been seven weeks since the last update, so it was interesting to hear that Matt Cutts, the Google engineer, announced recently that the next update would be either on Friday or next Monday.

Neil reported waiting on a Panda update since re-working his main blog which was suspected to be under a Panda penalty. Neil changed the category structure, stopped posts appearing in more than one category, got rid of tags, author pages and other duplicate content and tried to write some new, fresh content. We’ll see if that made any difference over the next few days, but Neil’s suspicion is that Google won’t want to give him the green light so quickly for fear of people reverse engineering the algorithm, so Neil may have to wait for several more Panda refreshes before seeing any positive results.

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Best WordPress Plugins

Having written a blog since 2006, Neil Shearing has encountered a few good and bad plugins in his time. Heck, he even sold a custom-coded plugin once, and is pretty sure it did sales of over $100,000.

So, what are the best WordPress plugins? Which ones does Neil use at this blog? Well, to be honest, this blog is a secondary to his main one at http://www.NeilShearing.com/ , so he’ll be discussing the plugins he runs there.

In no particular order, here are Neil’s “top 12″… Continue reading

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