Google Affiliate Network To Close

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network

If you’re part of the Google Affiliate Network, it’s probably time to look for other sources of income, or a different way to promote the merchants you current are affiliated with on GAN. Effective 31st July 2013, the GAN will be closing.

It’s never nice to see a service that you’ve been using to make money just disappear. However, this does go to reinforce the point that if your only method of making money is relying on someone else staying in business, you’re in a vulnerable position.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against such vulnerability is to create and sell products yourself. When you do that YOU can start an affiliate program and have affiliates promoting you if they wish.

When you’re a merchant it’s also possible to continue earning revenue from affiliate programs by making additional offers for other merchant’s products to your customers. However, the important difference is that when YOU’RE a merchant, you have a list of customers. The person who makes money ONLY as an affiliate doesn’t have the customer list and is therefore much more vulnerable.

To read the full story on the Google Affiliate Network closing, read Neil’s post.

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