Authority Site Builder Review

Neil Shearing has done a blog post and video review of the Authority Site Builder software by Mike Steup. You can watch the video below, or view Neil’s blog post for the full details…

Already a comment has been received that it’s not possible to build a “professional website” in 7 minutes. Neil has replied to that comment stating that it misses the point. Firstly, the software isn’t claiming to build “professional websites”, whatever they are. Secondly, the whole reason for using the software is to quickly get articles online and potentially monetized that would otherwise just be gathering digital dust on a hard-drive. With the ability to tweak the templates and include header graphics along with navigation links, Youtube videos and social sharing buttons, the software does a great job for the purpose it’s meant for.

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Kindle Unlimited UK

Kindle Unlimited UK

Kindle Unlimited UK

Kindle Unlimited has arrived in the UK. Now people who sign up can pay £7.99 per month to access over 650,000 titles. Conversely, authors who use Kindle Digital Publishing Select program (KDP Select) can join their American cousins in fretting over the value of the “borrows” they will now be credited with. Already some self-published authors who sold book at above average prices are unhappy because the books they were selling are now being borrowed instead and the difference in payouts is significant. For the full story, read the post by Neil Shearing, here.

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KDP Select Prize Fund – August 2014 Update

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

People who sell Kindle book on Amazon as members of the Kindle Digital Publishing Select program (KDPS) are always interested in how much money they got paid per “borrow“. In the past, Amazon Prime members were allowed to “borrow” books as a benefit of their Prime subscription, and if they “borrowed” your Kindle book, it was worth money to you, the author.

Amazon “announces” the value of a borrow indirectly when they publish the author’s reports around the 15th of each month. Quickly, the value of the previous month’s borrows is discussed on the various Kindle forums along with celebrations or gnashing of teeth, depending on the number. Amazon calculates the number by declaring the value of a giant “KDP Select Prize Fund” for any given month, then dividing that amount by the total number of borrows. Each author gets a share of the prize fund equal to the number of borrows they had that month.

With the launch of Kindle Unlimited in the USA, the amount of borrows has soared, and, almost certainly, the number of sales has fallen, which means authors are spending a lot more time fretting about the value of a borrow. Neil Shearing has taken a close look at the numbers, and what they mean for Kindle authors, at his blog. Take a look.

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Google Affiliate Network To Close

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network

If you’re part of the Google Affiliate Network, it’s probably time to look for other sources of income, or a different way to promote the merchants you current are affiliated with on GAN. Effective 31st July 2013, the GAN will be closing.

It’s never nice to see a service that you’ve been using to make money just disappear. However, this does go to reinforce the point that if your only method of making money is relying on someone else staying in business, you’re in a vulnerable position.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against such vulnerability is to create and sell products yourself. When you do that YOU can start an affiliate program and have affiliates promoting you if they wish.

When you’re a merchant it’s also possible to continue earning revenue from affiliate programs by making additional offers for other merchant’s products to your customers. However, the important difference is that when YOU’RE a merchant, you have a list of customers. The person who makes money ONLY as an affiliate doesn’t have the customer list and is therefore much more vulnerable.

To read the full story on the Google Affiliate Network closing, read Neil’s post.

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Rippln Comp Plan Video



A few days ago, Neil Shearing went through the new Rippln opportunity to make money. As it centres around an app, Neil called it the “Rippln Apportunity“. Part of the walkthrough Neil did included two videos from Rippln that were hosted on Youtube and set to “unlisted” but not “private”, hence were viewable without signing Rippln’s NDA.

It now appears that the “Rippln Comp Plan” video has been removed by the user…

Video Removed

Video Removed

… which is interesting because Joel Comm, whose blog post contained the videos said…

I have spoken with the CEO of Rippln about this and he has agreed to let my blog entry stand without any need to edit or correct.

I guess Rippln weren’t so happy to have the Compensation Plan shared after all. Fortunately, other copies are available on Youtube, and one of them is…

So, there you go…. if you can understand it.

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